Professional Cannabis Cultivation-Folding and Array LED Plant Grow Lights

750W Quick Installation, 2.7umol/J High Efficiency Horticulture LED
Grow Light for Cannabis Cultivation

                                   > RX-GKC750

High Uniformity Dual Channel Folding Grow Light-Independent Adjustable Far Red Light is Better for Flowering

                                       > RX-G80U

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Home Cannabis Grow Lights-Quantum Board Grow Light Module for Grow Tent

High Uniformity Grow Light Quantum Board- High Red Light Better for Cannabis Flowering

                                       > RX-G4000UR

4-Channel LED Quantum Board-Experimental Grow Light for Professional Cannabis Cultivation Researchers

                                 > RX-G550-4H

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Greenhouse Horticulture LED Grow Light – Samsung and Osram Horticulture LED

630W Toplighting LED Grow Light- 1:1 Replacement 1000W HPS
                                           > RX-G630

700W Toplighting LED Grow Light-4 Channel Adjustable Spectrum
                                        > RX-G700-4H

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Plant factory LED grow light

Unique Lens Structure
lens + reflector, higher light utilization
                                           > RX-G45

Each fixture covers 2x4ft
Suitable for shelf planting plants
                                        > RX-ARZ

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